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  • Leadec Portugal
  • Leadec Portugal

    We offer comprehensive services for your production facility, from installation, commissioning and automation to maintenance, and support for peripheral processes. Our range of services also includes digital optimization options.

Leadec Portugal: Your services specialist

Leadec is the leading global service specialist along the entire life cycle of the factory and the associated infrastructure. For 60 years now, we have been providing customers in the manufacturing industries with support along the entire factory life cycle: from planning, installation, and automation to operation of the factories and buildings. As a true service champion, our services ensure that production runs smoothly. We never stand still to keep your plant in motion. Because our promise is: We love your factory.  

Our services

We uniquely combine the knowledge, network capacity and performance of a global player with the personal support of a regional partner in your location. We are able to draw on our knowledge and expertise from many countries, enabling us to provide the right solutions for your business to use its full potential. 

Latest news from Leadec Portugal

Factory specialist Leadec starts operations in Portugal

Stuttgart/Germany, Lisbon/Portugal, 01/11/24 – Vamos, Leadec! The leading global service specialist for factories along their entire life cycle is expanding its activities to Portugal. The company is now represented in 16 countries. Through the newly founded Leadec Unipessoal Ltda., industrial companies on the Iberian Peninsula can now also benefit from Leadec’s technical expertise and more than 60 years of experience.


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